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No Safe System Of Work Major Factor In The Cause Of Fatal Rail Accident.

By Black Mill Health and Safety Consultancy Ltd
Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Black Mill Health & Safety Consultancy Ltd - BBC News

No Safe System Of Work

No safe system of work, a major factor in the cause of fatal rail accident in Port Talbot in July 2019.

An internal preliminary enquiry by Network Rail and Great Western Railways has identified multiple safety failings leading up the incident, when 2 rail workers aged 58 and 64 were struck by a train travelling at 70mph. The train is reported to have sounded its horn in warning, but neither man responded, possibly due to the hearing protection they were wearing.

Failure to provide a suitable safe system of work or the use of unsuitable risk control measures including unsuitable personal protective equipment are all factors that can contribute to serious workplace accidents.

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